This is where the story begins ... Falling Pregnant

After being married in early Feb 2018, we waited for the European summer to roll around before we embarked on our much awaited honeymoon to Europe. 

The 25th of May 2018 was the first day of our Honeymoon .... off we went 6 weeks in Europe. Woohoo. First stop Rome!  See you later cold miserable Melbourne winter, HELLO European Summer. Bring on the Tan, the AMAZING food and OF COURSE the WINE! 

First day in Rome we were eager tourists and walked 30,000+ steps visiting most of the touristy sites. Second day we found ourselves in the Vatican watching the Pope bless everyone from his tower window. I think he secretly blessed us with a baby BUT WE DIDN'T KNOW YET!!

The next few weeks saw us visiting Pescara, drinking wine in Tuscany, sightseeing in Florence and Venice followed by food, wine and hikes in Cinque Terra. 

What's there to do everyday in Italy? Yes, sight see of course but we really did eat and drink our way through Italy. Wine with lunch and dinner and sometimes even between lunch and dinner and even after dinner, cold meats and antipasto platters every day, sitting along the canals in Venice with our apperitivi and spritz or again glass of wine. This was the life!! 

In Cinque Terra we stayed in Vernazza and there was a little cafe along the port who had a list of spritz that no one could begin to imagine. First day we hiked for hours from one town to the next and rewarded ourselves with an afternoon Rosemary Spritz, Second day  was another hike followed by another afternoon spritz. This time was Limoncello spritz (was so excited to tell my family that i had a limoncello spritz, what a good idea), it was STRONG i remember giggling when i stood up it was SO STRONG! Third day another Hike to another town where we stumbled across a cool little bar in the cliff where we decided to have our afternoon drink and daily antipasto platter. Life was great, we were loving our daily Hikes and afternoon drinks. 

But something was odd ... How many weeks had we been away for? period pain but no period yet? hmmm ..... It was time to go to the 'farmacia' and ask for a pregnancy test.  I remember the pharmacist handing over the test and saying 'good luck'. Good luck?? 

I was confused by the "good luck" & honestly a little nervous at the same time.  

Before i went to sleep i read the instructions and was prepped for the next morning. 6am i was wide awake and needed to pee, so the time came to pee on the stick. 

The instructions said wait three mins but not this time double line STRAIGHT AWAY! Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit (excuse the language), OMG we were having a baby (ahhhh how exciting!) but SHIT .... All the wine, spritzs and cold meat i've been eating and i've been pregnant without even knowing it. OH NO!! Can i reverse time? nope! shit!  

Immediately the eating of cold meats and drinking STOPPED! 

Never in a million years did we expect to fall pregnant so quickly. I was 35 and my husband 37 we really were truly blessed! ... That pope!

The rest of our honeymoon was still amazing but did change, morning sickness started to set in and i was getting tired quickly. We traveled for another 3 weeks with Last stop Dubai on the way home and it was 47 degrees everyday ... i felt like i was melting. 

By the pool was where we pretty much stayed because it was way too hot to do anything else then be in the water. We went to the Atlantis water park and my poor husband had to ride the water slides solo. We had booked the desert safari and again he had to go solo. By the pool is all i could really do or be.

After a week in Dubai it was time to come home. As soon as we arrived home we were eager to get to the doctors to be educated on this little baby. 

It was confirmed 10 weeks pregnant!!